Kolam is a unique Children's museum under construction at Sholinganallore, Chennai, South India. Arising from the Sharma Children's Museum (established 1999), Kolam is designed to have interactive exhibits, learning laboratories, an ecological park and a children's library; bringing alive India's cultural and natural heritage.
Kolam is a new children's museum located at Sholinganallore, close to the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, South India. Located en route to the World Heritage site of Mahabalipuram, Kolam will cater to a wide range of children from urban and rural areas, and from diverse socio-economic and religious backgrounds.

With indoor and outdoor displays, an ecological park, an auditorium and a children's library, Kolam is a new venture of the Sharma Centre for Heritage in collaboration with the Children's Garden School Society, and has evolved from the Sharma Children's Museum. Kolam is a growing venture. Beginning from a single room, we are now expanding over 1.4 acres of prime land at Sholinganallore, just outside the city of Chennai.

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We are now expanding over 1.4 acres of prime land at Sholinganallore just outside the city of Chennai. >>